Wednesday, December 06, 2006

WOW....In the last 3 weeks I have completed 2 albums 8x8 for my mum and Jamies mum full of wedding pics. Im so pleased with them. I have made sure that they are identical...which is probably why the were finished so quickly.
Next project is my wedding album which will be 12x12 and will be in much more detail than the smaller ones. Will get started with that this weekend probably.

Also I have started to open my Advent Box and have received some little gifts....
1st day of xmas...Chocolate Orange
2nd day of xmas...Bag of Haribo and a bag of mixed Buttons
3rd day of xmas...An Altered notepad
4th day of xmas...A bag of red and white Prima flowers
5th day of xmas...Bag of Haribo and a bag of mixed Brads
6th day of xmas...Prit Stick wrapped in Fibres
Wonder what Ill get 2moro?????

The whole idea of the Advent swap is fab.....Im really enjoying it and cant wait to find out who my secret Santa is.....The person that I sent to seems to like her gifts also mind you as it is only the begining they will only (fingers crossed) get better and she will like whats left even more. As this was my 1st Advent Swap I found it hard to know what to get so I really hope she likes everything.
(That hasnt given away who I am to my Swapee I hope..LOL)

We are now all christmassy in our house...we put up the Decs and tree on Sunday...presents will be wrapped and put under tree this weekend..this is only cause we dont have any children around for christmas and my family will be up in the New Year due to working over Xmas so no need to hide anything until the last moment. Plus me and Jamie kind of know what we are geting for each other (minus 1 or 2 surprise bits)so dont really need to hide anything from each other either.



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