Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well I have finally uploaded some of my recent can see them on the slide. Ive also decided to take part in a Scraplift Challenge. One of the girls on UKS set herself a challange to scraplift 20 LO and as im suffering from scrappers block quite a bit recently ive decided that Im going to join her..I have printed out all the LO and will probably start as of begining March...Really looking forward to it actually just need to sort out what pictures to use against each LO


Well Frankie is doing well. He is now taking 6oz every 4-5hrs but unfortunatly still hasnt slept through the nite. Mind you saying that I quite enjoy getting up and spending quality time with him during the nite...Am I mad???
He has an Outpaitents appointmnt on Tues so I hope that they say he is doing as well as we think he is!!

Have had a rather good weekend. Went for dinner and drinks round Ross and Claires on Sat. Had quite a bit to drink and played games I won 3out of 4 games of UNO 2out of 3 games Harry Potter Scene It but lost the Vertual Golf on PS2.
On Sunday Jamie went to watch football so I had an afternoon of Scrapping and managed to get 1SLO 1DLO completed plus I managed to catch up with a few Blogs.

Hope you are all well
Catch you L8R

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well I have had a busy few days....

Got Frankie weighed again on Tuesday he is now 7lb 12oz. He is doing so well Im really pleased with him.

I have managed to do loads of scrapping this week also. I am finally doing my Wedding album and and approx 1/2 way through it. I cant wait to see it all complete the pages are quite minimal but I think it looks really nice. Ill have to tart uploading some pics so that other people can take a look.

So how many Pancakes did everyone have????
I had 4 on tuesday and another 4 on Wednesday...we went to friends on Tuesday so had to use the mixture that I had brought to make our own...mind you we only used 1/2 so I will prob have some more soon!!!!

We are planning a Noobie Boobie get together in May. A couple of the Southern Boobies are coming up north for a Craft Show in Bolton so we are arranging a get together we will prob all meet up at the Craft Show but are now gonna try organise a meal and drinks on the Saturday nite. Im really looking forward to meeting more of you cant wait!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

I cant beleive that I keep leaving it so long to update, Considering Im sat at home all day everyday at the moment I should be updateing at least every other from 2day that is exactly what im going to do...please feel free to shout at me if I dont!!!!

So whats been happening.....

Frankie is doing really well....I had him weighed last week and he is now 7lb 3oz...He still doesnt fit any of his clothes which is quite frustrating cause as you can imagine he has some rather cute bits!!!!
He had his 1st of many injections this morning...and yes you guessed it he wasnt impressed!!!!!
He does seem to be ok now though which of corse is the main thing. At the moment he is curled up on a pile of cushions on the sofa fast asleep...AHH BLESS!!!!

I have also been doing quite a bit of scrapping over the last week and have finally started my wedding album...At least if I get it finished for my 1st Anniversary it will be an apt prezzie for myself...the 1st year is paper...isnt it????

Im trying to make myself use different techniques in my scrapping but Im always to scared that it wont look right...I dont feel confident enough...I look at other peoples work in Magazines or books and think..WOW that looks fantastic...but never have the courage to try it myself!!!!
I wish that I could overcome this 'weekness' of mine. I would love to see some of my work published one day and at the moment I just dont feel that it is good enough or different enough to stand out and be noticed...if anyone can share any tips to help me overcome this I would be very greatful!!!

Thats about all really...Wow once I get started hey!!!!!



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