Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm back

I'm back and this time I intend to stay and continue to update regularly. I have an iPhone so will be able to keep track on here more often. So this is my 1st updat from the iPhone and there will be plenty more.
I will update a few Los later when I get on the pc.
lillie is 1 this week I can't beleive time has gone so quickly. She is crawling and gets everywhere.
frankie is doing fab he seems to be growing up over nite.
I'm half way through my 2nd year and am applying for the BA Hon and EYPS top up for next year fingers crossed
well I'm still doing Disney and have pics backing up all the time. I am trying to get on the 2011retreat with sarahs cards have requested the reserves so fingers crossed with that to. I'm saving as we speak!!!

Well that's all for now
TFL xxx



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