Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OMG....Has it really been this long!!!!

Loads has happened.....mind probably noone to read about it now cause not been on for ages....anyway just in case there are people out there who do check every no and then this is what has been happening in the last 3 months!!!!

Well Frankie had his 1st holiday in Cyprus. We went with Iain Lou and Max for 2 weeks...here are a couple of pics

We had a fab time and Frankie really seemed to enjoy it

Well I went to the Bolton Craft Show in May and havent den anything since. I managed to pick up a few bargins and havent actually used anything yet.
I have got my name down for a 24hr Crop in Oct so hopefully my MOJO will be back by then...Ill keep you posted.

Well what can I say...he is getting so big now and is talking loads.....really hard to shut him up!!!!!!
He is really doing well and loves being at nursery.
As yiou can see from the pictures above he is really coming along now, cant wait to see how much he canges between now and his birthday!!!!

Anyway I think that is a big enough post to be going on with...I promise to make weekly updates from now on and hopefully next week ill have some Layouts to show you all.....Till next time


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Well the UKSCRAPPERS Cyber Crop is over and im sad to say that I didnt manage to join in!!! Mum and dad decided that they would come up and visit the same weekend. I managed to do a bit on the friday night and a tiny bit sat morning but nothing else.
I decided that I would take part in Shimelles challenge. Have made the book and taken the 1st lot of photos...just need to print off and add to the book, also need to make the cover.
Must try and get some more scrapping done...not really done much recently.

Mum and dad spoilled Frankie as normal when they came up...they had brought loads of bits for him..trainers, england kit, In The Night Garden bits and much more. We had a really good night on Sat..we had a drink and played some silly games..was good to see them.

Ah weel...must dash as im supposed to be working.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Good evening all

Im so excited. UKSCRAPPERS is playing host to yet another CyberCrop and I cant wait. The theme this time round is The Oscars, Im in a team called Lovey Doves. All the pre crop excitement is mounting up so it should be a really good weekend. Unfortunatly I havent managed to be teamed with any of the Noobie Boobies (that im aware of as yet) but Im sure that wont stop me enjoying it. I am even putting together a little quiz for my team mates!!!

Ive been doing a bit more scrapping and have started my London album from when we went last year. Here are some of my new Frankie LOs ill add the rest to my slide...Enjoy xxx

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Have I really left it this long...OOOPPPS!!!!!

Well things have definatly progressed since I last Blogged here goes


Well he is now walking, Talking (he has his own language you know!!)
Loves 'In the night garden', 'My friends Tigger and Pooh', 'Micky Mouse Clubhouse', 'Handy Maney'
Eats everything you put in front of him especially if its marshmellows
Here are a few pics


Things are good. Im still at the Nursery and things are going really well
Me and Jamie are good
Going on holiday to Cyprus in 8 weeks and I cant wait


As with the last time I posted I have done some!!!!!
I have nearly finished Frankies 1st album just a couple more photos to do. Will need to upload these later so you can see.

Well Ill leave it there but promise Ill be back soon



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