Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What a weekend ive had.
Bolton Craft Show
On saturday I went to the Bolton Craft Show which was held at Bolton FC. I had a fantastic day Stash shopping. Frankie came with me as Jamie was at work but he would have had to come with me regardless as I also got to meet some of my fellow Nobbie Boobie Bev and Cherry. They flew up to Manchester on the Friday night and stayed at Cals over the weekend. The 5 (Cheryl inc) met up at the door at 930am ish and spent the day chatting shopping and getting to know each other. Frankie was spoilt with cuddles and attention which he loved!!!

I managed to do quite a bit of shopping but still came home with change which surprised Jamie. I brought...
*Blue 12x12 album
*Ribbon tier
*Blue die cut alphas
*Blue alpha tags
*Naked chipboard letters upper and lower case
*Mother/Father/Baby stickers
*Stardust clear gelly roll pens
*9 small bookrings
but could have brought soooooo much more..Its a good job I dont have a credit card!!!!

I have made another Minibook...Its true that once youve made one you just keep making them....I just want to make more and more!!!!
I also made a John Lennon Tribute LO for my brother who is a massive BEATLES fan

My mum and dad came up yesterday bringing with them Heather and my Nan. We didnt do anything special just spent the day catching up and they spent time with Frankie.
I now have my outfit for Wayne and Gemmas Wedding nxt month..just need to sort Frankie out but will leave him till the very last minute.
Congratulations to Dean and Laura who are expecting their 2nd baby...Well done you 2 xxxx

Keep safe and ill catch up with you very soon xxx

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You Belong in 1994

With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Hi everyone

Well its wet and gloomy here in Wigan so spending most of my time indoors. This means that Im getting to do plenty of scrapping and getting plenty of practice using new camera. We brought a Kodak C875 last weekend so Im 'playing' lots with it.

Photography Course
Well I have received and completed Module1. Here is my take on the breif

Im really pleased with my final picture. This module gave me the opportunity to use a setting on the camera I didnt even know was there. I will now use it more often for certain types of pictures.
Cant wait for the next module.

I have done quite a bit over the last week. I have completed 4 LOs and a minibook that I made for Jamie which holds pictures from his Tour around Chelsea Football Club.

These are my completed LOs so far this month!!!

I took Frankie to the Drs on Monday because of his constant being sick. The Dr gave me some Gaviscon Powder to put in his milk and has advised that when I take him back in 2 weeks if he is no better he will wright to get him seen by a specialist at the hospital. So far there is no change..he is still being sick but its only been a couple of days so will wait and see.

Other that that as you can see he is doing really well. The picture with the Teddys was taken by a Professional at Boots...cute ha!!!
We have had some others done at Asda..need to upload those when we get them all.

Well thats all for to get excited about the Bolton Craft Show this weekend where I will be meeting some more of the Noobie Boobies..Bev and Cherry...cant wait!!

Bye for now...Keep safe xxx

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I receieved my welcome pack for the Online Photography course today and had a mad rush...the 1st getting started project was to take a Self Portrait and create a Portfolio...that part was ok just 2 pictures I like and 2 pictures I dont like...The SP was a different matter...I took loads of pictures that I wasnt happy with and the final picture I choose Im still not happy with...oh well its a photography course I can only get better...*crosses fingers*

OK thanx to Bev I have been tagged so here goes

7 things about me......

1)I am a huge Brian Adams fan. Been to see him in concert 3 times and would go to each and every one if I could. I have all his albums and there isnt one sone I dislike.

2)I HATE cheese

3)Im soooo excited about the new Harry Potter film and Book about to be released..In fact im obsessed!!!!

4)My dream holiday is an African Safari

5)I collect Elephants...I have a whole load of Tuskers ornaments, 3 Dumbos,and many many more

6)I collect Disney DVDs..I actually have Dumbo twice!!!

7)My favorite place in the world is Cypus. Its where I got married and where someday I will live!!!

OK now I need to tag 7 people...LETS SEE.......


Oh dear I only know these people with blogs...that will have to do!!!!

Hope your well
Love ya xxx

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I cant believe it...Saturday was National Scrapbook Day and on a Blog called Collectively Yours (formally Special Dares) they were holding a draw that I entered. All I had to do was add my name to a list. The prize was A month Subscription to The Design Collective and the last remaining space on Cheryl Johnson's Painting with Light online Photography Course. I had seen this advertised and wanted to give it a go but couldnt afford it....Low and Behold...I WON!!!!!!!!

Clare Brown from Design Collective sent me an email saying that I had won...Im sooo excited. I cant wait to get started and hope that it helps me take some wonderfull photos.
Its an added bonus that I already Subscribe to the fantastic Design Collective and now get 1month free!!!

Also I cant believe how quickly a year can go...Me and jamie have been married 1year 2day!!!!!
So much has happened in the last year the biggest of course being Frankie. Not only finding out I was pregnant but also having him 8weeks early!!!
Jamie I love you with all my heart and cant wait for the next year xxx

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hello Everyone

Well I have had a busy weekend. The 'decking' is almost finished..its all laid just needs sanding and painting...looks really good and has a rustic feel to it. Once thats done we will get our Purgular (sp?) built and will be able to have a few garden parties (weather permitting). This is it so far...

Well I took part in the CyberCrop on UKScrappers. I managed to earn 170 points for my team. I completed 2classes and 4challenges so Im quite pleased wit that. I have printed everything off and will do the rest at my own leisure as I can take my time with them.
The LOs I completed were both of Frankie

and I did a LO for my New York Album

Im really pleased with how they all turned out.

Frankie is doing so well

I had him weighed 2day...11lb6oz..he is getting so big...but still nothing fits properly!!! 0-3mnths are slightly to big still and newborn is to small..ahh well!!!
We have also started to ween him onto solids...We tried him with Baby Rice which he just seemed to hold in his mouth and then we tried him on Pureed apple...this he couldnt get enough of...he even cried when he had finished!!!!

Well I hope that everyone is ok
Catch up soon
Luv 'n' hugs



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