Thursday, May 01, 2008

Well the UKSCRAPPERS Cyber Crop is over and im sad to say that I didnt manage to join in!!! Mum and dad decided that they would come up and visit the same weekend. I managed to do a bit on the friday night and a tiny bit sat morning but nothing else.
I decided that I would take part in Shimelles challenge. Have made the book and taken the 1st lot of photos...just need to print off and add to the book, also need to make the cover.
Must try and get some more scrapping done...not really done much recently.

Mum and dad spoilled Frankie as normal when they came up...they had brought loads of bits for him..trainers, england kit, In The Night Garden bits and much more. We had a really good night on Sat..we had a drink and played some silly games..was good to see them.

Ah weel...must dash as im supposed to be working.



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