Monday, September 17, 2007


What am I like...for the past week i have told myself to update but then found something else to do!!!


What can I say...he is doing so well...he is nearly crawling which is quite funny to watch...he manages to get into position and rocks..then he will lift a hand and opposite leg then fall flat on his face....Suppose you need to see it but he looks so funny...he looks like he is SkyDiving without the sky!!!
Here are some pics taken at nursery....


Ive actually done some!!!!!
Not much just a couple of pages for Frankies album but at least its something!!!!
Will upload some pics L8R 2nite cause im at work at the moment

Hope you are all well
Catch you L8R XXX

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I cant beleive I have left it so long to post...yes I know I say that every time!!!!
But really its been nearly 2months this time!!!!

So what have I been up to.......


Well....I have started my new job. I am really enjoying it and am finally getting stuck into whats what. The girls I work with are all lovely and they are all fantastic with Frankie who by the way LOVES nursery.

My brother is looking for a house...infact he has found one up here in wigan and the back garden backs onto my neighbours back garden., about close!!!!!!
He is back up this weekend to see the mortgage fingers crossed

Me and Jamie are good. He is enjoying his job and now im back at work it gives us something else to talk about.


Well what can I say...he started nursery (obviously same time I started job)and seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds. He is now sitting up on his own and he is feeding himself every bottle.
He is getting on ok at the hospital...all his results from when he was admitted in June came back that was a relief...They tried to change his milk..again..but the new one kept making him sick so we spoke to the DR over the phone and put him back on the Staydown milk cause that 'does what it says on the tin'
He has a few more tests to have/come back so we are keeping fingers crossed still but he seems to be doing better...but only time will tell!!


Not done any in ages!!!!!!!!
I did purchase a TOTE...its a lovely Black and White one....I filled it straight away and it looks fab...cant wait for a crop so I can use it properly!!

New Heading for this post......

Well I saw the film...wasnt impressed....I feel that they left alot out plus they didnt explain things as much as they should/could have. I reread the book and feel that the book is far better (I know books normally are cause you cant beat ur own imagination!!)

I have finally also started to read the last book...I brought it the day it was released but only picked it up to read last night (I had to finish rereading Order of the Pheonix 1st!!)
I have only read the 1st 2 chapters but am liking it so far!!!!!
Dont worry I wont give anything away....unless you ask me to!!!!!

Catch you all soon

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Well what a couple of days ive had...Frankie was admitted into hospitl yesterday after going for a 6mth chk with his peadiatrition (?sp). They have finally deciced that he is under weight (by almost 4lb...would have thought they wud have picked that up sooner but hey ho>>) and with his constant vomitng they decided they wanted to keep him in for obs for 24hrs.

So on my 2nd day of work I had to leave early (jamie had taken him) and rush to the hosp. They took some bloods (which really upset him as they didnt numb 1st so in turn this made me upset!!) Jamie doesnt do nedles so waited outside till it was gone then came and took over so I could sort myself out. Half hour l8r they decided that they didnt get the correct bloods (?????????) and that they needed o do it again..this time we insisted the numbed 1st and he didnt even flinch (the wonders of 'magic' cream!!) Jamie was even brave and came in just in case but stayed well away from the needle!!!!

They also took wee sample and said that they were going to put him back on all his meds (DR he saw in same ward last week took him off meds as he said they didnt seem to be working...he had only been on them 1week!!) They said they wud need a poo sample to but he is once a day 1st thing so they had to wait for that till this morning but the lab wsnt open and they needed fresh sample (sorry girls!!) we told them that couldnt gtee when they wud get that as only gtee was 1st thing (b4 labs open at 9am)..they then decided that they wud get a sample whenever and that wud have to do.

He was discarged this afternoon at bout 1230 and spent the afternoon with dad (I went into work as couldnt really take time off on 3rd day!!! although they have been fantastic and told me to take what I needed!!)

He is absolutly fine...still being sick and we need to wait for test results to see what the problem is but finally they are doing something..its just a shame he had to be so under weight for them to do anything...although I cant help but think that they are not really taking into account how early he was and just looking at the fact that he is 6mths (when techniqly he wud have only been 4mths!! so his weight wud have been right!!)

Jamie got quite upset cause we have been up to the hospital and to the GP so many times and they all said his weight was fine and that he was doing really well and now this.

Ahh well at least they are doing something now

Thursday, June 14, 2007

OK...thought Id pop on nd show you all my entry for the Pencil Lines Design Team search

Im really pleased with how it has turned out but dont think it is any where near as good as what they will be looking for...But ive nothing to lose by trying so have sent in my entry Fingers crossd.

I now need to sort out the Noobie Boobie Weekly Challenge LO so of to get my thinking cap on

TTFN xxxx

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well I have good news...I have a job!!!!!!

The nursery Frankie now goes to was looking for a manager so I applied and got the job I start nxt monday and am doing the odd day this week to get a feel for it...Im so excited I cant wait!!!


Frankie started nursery yesterday he is only in mon/tues/thurs morning this week but goes full time with me as of nxt week. He brought home his hand prints today......

....How cute!!!!

We have been told by the Hospital that he may have a milk intolerance and to try and cut his bottles down by giving him more far so good..wouldnt necessarily say that the being sick is a great deal different but its better (fingers crossed it carries on getting better!!)

He now weighs 13lb and is coming on in leaps and bounds. He will now hold his own bottle as log as we tilt it so he can get something out..LOL

Havent done much this week except my entry for the Pencil Lines DT comp just need to find 2 more to send in with it and I will then have to wait and see...I dont think Ill win as there are far more talented people out there than me but there is no harm in trying!!

Also I need to put together a LO for the Noobie Boobies Weekly Challenge on UKS...need to get my thinking cap on for that!!!

Hope everyone is well
Catch you l8r

Friday, June 08, 2007

Few...have I been busy this week we decidede that we were going to redecorate the kitchen...well I decided!!!! We went to B+Q and choose paint for the walls we choose Baby Blue we chose a matching Sky Blue and White paint for the tiles (save buying new ones just paint the ones you have!!) and Ivory for the cupboard doors we also brought new handles for them.

This is it so far...will upload more when its finished.

Jamie also started to sand the decking...This is going to take slightly longer than we 1st thought but its coming up really nicely!!!

Well here are the 3 LOs I did at the Crop last weekend

Cant wait to go to the next crop in July...Bev and Cherry of the "infamous" Noobie Boobies are coming up for it and its a BBQ crop so should be really good.

Well until next time..take care xxx

Friday, June 01, 2007

OMG...Im so behind!!!!

I havent posted for ages...This might be due to not doing much!!!

Nothing really to update at the moment. This pretty much the same. I havent really done any crafting over the last week but am going to the Manchester Crop 2morro so hopefully will have loads to upload...That is if I dont spend all day chatting!!!!

Frankie is Teething and is getting rather grumpy at the moment...I cant see anything yet but im so looking forward to that 1st tooth popping through...Think of the pictures and LOs that I will get!!!

Im also behind on the Photography course Im doing...I havent done the last few modules and the new one is published today...Note to self...DO THEM!!!!!lol

Hope your all well and I promise to Upload all my LOs from 2morro ASAP!!!
Take care xxx

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What a weekend ive had.
Bolton Craft Show
On saturday I went to the Bolton Craft Show which was held at Bolton FC. I had a fantastic day Stash shopping. Frankie came with me as Jamie was at work but he would have had to come with me regardless as I also got to meet some of my fellow Nobbie Boobie Bev and Cherry. They flew up to Manchester on the Friday night and stayed at Cals over the weekend. The 5 (Cheryl inc) met up at the door at 930am ish and spent the day chatting shopping and getting to know each other. Frankie was spoilt with cuddles and attention which he loved!!!

I managed to do quite a bit of shopping but still came home with change which surprised Jamie. I brought...
*Blue 12x12 album
*Ribbon tier
*Blue die cut alphas
*Blue alpha tags
*Naked chipboard letters upper and lower case
*Mother/Father/Baby stickers
*Stardust clear gelly roll pens
*9 small bookrings
but could have brought soooooo much more..Its a good job I dont have a credit card!!!!

I have made another Minibook...Its true that once youve made one you just keep making them....I just want to make more and more!!!!
I also made a John Lennon Tribute LO for my brother who is a massive BEATLES fan

My mum and dad came up yesterday bringing with them Heather and my Nan. We didnt do anything special just spent the day catching up and they spent time with Frankie.
I now have my outfit for Wayne and Gemmas Wedding nxt month..just need to sort Frankie out but will leave him till the very last minute.
Congratulations to Dean and Laura who are expecting their 2nd baby...Well done you 2 xxxx

Keep safe and ill catch up with you very soon xxx

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You Belong in 1994

With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Hi everyone

Well its wet and gloomy here in Wigan so spending most of my time indoors. This means that Im getting to do plenty of scrapping and getting plenty of practice using new camera. We brought a Kodak C875 last weekend so Im 'playing' lots with it.

Photography Course
Well I have received and completed Module1. Here is my take on the breif

Im really pleased with my final picture. This module gave me the opportunity to use a setting on the camera I didnt even know was there. I will now use it more often for certain types of pictures.
Cant wait for the next module.

I have done quite a bit over the last week. I have completed 4 LOs and a minibook that I made for Jamie which holds pictures from his Tour around Chelsea Football Club.

These are my completed LOs so far this month!!!

I took Frankie to the Drs on Monday because of his constant being sick. The Dr gave me some Gaviscon Powder to put in his milk and has advised that when I take him back in 2 weeks if he is no better he will wright to get him seen by a specialist at the hospital. So far there is no change..he is still being sick but its only been a couple of days so will wait and see.

Other that that as you can see he is doing really well. The picture with the Teddys was taken by a Professional at Boots...cute ha!!!
We have had some others done at Asda..need to upload those when we get them all.

Well thats all for to get excited about the Bolton Craft Show this weekend where I will be meeting some more of the Noobie Boobies..Bev and Cherry...cant wait!!

Bye for now...Keep safe xxx

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I receieved my welcome pack for the Online Photography course today and had a mad rush...the 1st getting started project was to take a Self Portrait and create a Portfolio...that part was ok just 2 pictures I like and 2 pictures I dont like...The SP was a different matter...I took loads of pictures that I wasnt happy with and the final picture I choose Im still not happy with...oh well its a photography course I can only get better...*crosses fingers*

OK thanx to Bev I have been tagged so here goes

7 things about me......

1)I am a huge Brian Adams fan. Been to see him in concert 3 times and would go to each and every one if I could. I have all his albums and there isnt one sone I dislike.

2)I HATE cheese

3)Im soooo excited about the new Harry Potter film and Book about to be released..In fact im obsessed!!!!

4)My dream holiday is an African Safari

5)I collect Elephants...I have a whole load of Tuskers ornaments, 3 Dumbos,and many many more

6)I collect Disney DVDs..I actually have Dumbo twice!!!

7)My favorite place in the world is Cypus. Its where I got married and where someday I will live!!!

OK now I need to tag 7 people...LETS SEE.......


Oh dear I only know these people with blogs...that will have to do!!!!

Hope your well
Love ya xxx

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I cant believe it...Saturday was National Scrapbook Day and on a Blog called Collectively Yours (formally Special Dares) they were holding a draw that I entered. All I had to do was add my name to a list. The prize was A month Subscription to The Design Collective and the last remaining space on Cheryl Johnson's Painting with Light online Photography Course. I had seen this advertised and wanted to give it a go but couldnt afford it....Low and Behold...I WON!!!!!!!!

Clare Brown from Design Collective sent me an email saying that I had won...Im sooo excited. I cant wait to get started and hope that it helps me take some wonderfull photos.
Its an added bonus that I already Subscribe to the fantastic Design Collective and now get 1month free!!!

Also I cant believe how quickly a year can go...Me and jamie have been married 1year 2day!!!!!
So much has happened in the last year the biggest of course being Frankie. Not only finding out I was pregnant but also having him 8weeks early!!!
Jamie I love you with all my heart and cant wait for the next year xxx

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hello Everyone

Well I have had a busy weekend. The 'decking' is almost finished..its all laid just needs sanding and painting...looks really good and has a rustic feel to it. Once thats done we will get our Purgular (sp?) built and will be able to have a few garden parties (weather permitting). This is it so far...

Well I took part in the CyberCrop on UKScrappers. I managed to earn 170 points for my team. I completed 2classes and 4challenges so Im quite pleased wit that. I have printed everything off and will do the rest at my own leisure as I can take my time with them.
The LOs I completed were both of Frankie

and I did a LO for my New York Album

Im really pleased with how they all turned out.

Frankie is doing so well

I had him weighed 2day...11lb6oz..he is getting so big...but still nothing fits properly!!! 0-3mnths are slightly to big still and newborn is to small..ahh well!!!
We have also started to ween him onto solids...We tried him with Baby Rice which he just seemed to hold in his mouth and then we tried him on Pureed apple...this he couldnt get enough of...he even cried when he had finished!!!!

Well I hope that everyone is ok
Catch up soon
Luv 'n' hugs

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello everyone...Hope ur all well

We have had a really busy few days. Jamie has been decking our garden. We managed to get hold of some used Scaffolding Boards and using 3x3 to build a fram we have decked the garden. All we need to do now is to sand it down..gonna hire an industrial sander-cant wait to see jamie doing then paint it. WE will then have the fence and pergular left to put up and the garden will be finished. Ill take some pictures and upload so you can see the progress!!

Jamie has started hois new job..Yes another one..LOL. He is working for Bernard Mathews delivering. He says that it is really good and that he really enjoyed his 1st day.


These photos were among 50 that I took yesterday while Frankie was playing with Jamie. I cant believe how big he is getting. I had him weighed yesterday...10lb13oz..and he is now on 7oz every 4hrs. Good news is he has started to sleep through the night...YIPPEE...He slept from 730-500 on sat night and 800-600 sun night I was so proud..LOL (More like pleased at a full nights sleep..LOL)
Also I have taken the step and registered him at nursery...He starts 4th June..Bless


These are cards I made recently...My friends got married...CONGRATS James and Mae and James brother Stuart and his wife Amanda had a baby boy named Elliott..CONGRATS to u 2xxx

I havent really done any crafting since I finished my wedding album..kind of lost my MOJO a little bit...although I have 2 weeks worth of Design Collective classes and numerous Sketches from Pencil Lines to catch up with I just have been motivated enough to get on with it!!
Have got some pictures of Frankie on the way dso hoping that will help.

Well keep safe and ill catch up with you all very soon
Luv n hugs xxxx

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hi everyone sorry not updated in a while.

So how was everyones Easter Weekend???
Mine was rather good. Jamies Brother and his Girlfriend came up and on Friday we went to Blackpool..We were all rather surprised that on a Bank Holiday Weekend it didnt open until 1130am and then surprisingly people were queing down the street to get in!!!!!!
I was rather brave....I went on The Big One/Revolution (Iron Bru) these I dont normally do!! We also went on the Big Dipper/Ice Blast (not me!!)..we missed out on Valhalla this time round cause the que was massive..not surprising as it was a Georgous day!!
I took loads of pictures and am going to make a mini book...Frankies 1st day at the Seaside...even if he did sleep all day..LOL


Well I have finally finished my wedding album. Im really pleased with it and jamie seems impressed. There are so many pages that the album wont close properly and wont fit in its box anymore!!!!
Im rather pleased that I have finished as now I can get started on some other bits and peices. I have to catch up with Pencil Lines Sketches, I have a Scraplift challenge to do....I think original challenge has now ended but I printed them out so I could do at my own leisure and The Design Collective sent out Week 1 on the 3rd April and Week 2 is due to be published 11th April I think so I really need to get a move on with week 1 which I havent even started yet!!!!!
Plus I have nearly 300 pics of Frankie to get started on...obviously Im not going to scrap them all but I need to get moving with his album or Ill probably be buried under a large pile of stash and pictures...LOL

He is doing so well. We had his Picture taken at Boots a couple of weeks ago...he wasnt best impressed at being made to sit this way and that way but the picture (collected today) looks fab..he isnt looking at the camera but its great..ill try and upload it l8r.
Havent had him weighed for a couple of weeks but he is deffo getting bigger...He is now (finally) in 0-3month size clothes so I can finally start dressing him in the very cute outfits hanging in his wardrobe for the past 3months

That all really..I hope you are all well and Ill catch up with you all soon xxx

Monday, March 26, 2007


So how is everyone..hope everyone is well.

Things are good here..not alot happening though


Well he is doing really well. When I had him weighed last he was 9lb and is due to be weighed 2moro (I got him weighed bout 2wks ago so could have put on quite a bit!!)He is begining to sleep for longer at nite time..which is always nice..especially when he slept for 10hrs the sat nite b4 Mothers Day...what a present that was...however typically it was Jamies nite to get up and feed him and conceqently didnt have to!!!!!!
Mothers Day was good...I got my very 1st MD card and 2 CDs which was very nice. We didnt really do anything and the weather was crap but it was a nice day!!
He is smiling so much more now...not just at us but at friends and other family members to.


Well I have joined the Design Collective I am so looking forward to the 1st Class everyone seems to be 'buzzing' with anticipation.
For those of you who havent heard of the Design Collective its a forum giving Design Inspiration. You can subscribe and join in with the classes/you can visit the forum/and there is a Blog but not only are they giving inspiration but they are giving hints and tips and general advice...Icant wait!!!!!!

I am almost finished with my wedding album ...finally...only got approx 10 pgs left to create but they will contain party pics so will be quite simple.


I got this Joke from HYSTERI-CAL on UKS and it really brightend up my day so I thought id share it (hope it doesnt offend anyonexx)...THANX CALxxx

"Harold is 92 and lives in a old folk's home. Every night after dinner, Harold goes to a secluded garden behind the sitting room to smoke a cigar, listen to music, ponder his accomplishments and reflect on his long life.

One evening, Mildred, age 86, wanders into the garden. They begin to chat, and before they know it, several hours had passed. After a short lull in their conversation, Harold turns to Mildred asks, "Do you know what I miss most of all?"

She asks, "What?" "SEX!!" he replies. Mildred exclaims, "Why you old fart, you couldn't get it up if I held a gun to your head!" "I know," Harold says, "but it would be nice if a woman could just hold it for a while." "Well, I can oblige," says Mildred, who unzips his trousers, removes his manhood and proceeds to hold it. Afterward, they agree to meet secretly each night in the garden where they would sit and talk and Mildred! Would hold Harold's manhood.

Then, one night, Harold didn't show up at their usual meeting place. Alarmed, Mildred decided to find Harold and make sure he was OK. She walked around the home,only to find him sitting in the garden with another female resident, Ethel, who was holding Harold's manhood!

Furious, Mildred yelled, "You two-timing creep! ----- What does Ethel have that I don't have?"

Old Harold smiled happily and replied, "Parkinson's"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hello all

Again nothing much to report.
I havent even done much scrapping over the last week....its terrible!!!!

Frankie is now actually in his big cot...he looks so lost and tiny in it!!!!

That is about all really.
I have updated my slides I now have one to show the PencilLines Sketches I have completed one to show cards made and one to show Scrapbook Layouts.

Catch you all L8r

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hi all how have you been???
Ive been good..heres what ive been up to


Well he is coming on nicely. He has doubled his birth weight and now weighs 8lb 7oz. He is also now in his own room rather than in ours and this weekend we are thinking of putting him in his cot rather than his moses basket!!
We had a busy weekend with him last week as we spent all day Saturday in A+E. He keeps having episodes of Projectile Vomitting. We started off not to worried as it was only every now and then and we put it down to too much movement after feeding however on Saturday he threw up nearly 2hrs after feeding..we called for the emergency DR but our DR surgery was open and they said to bring him straight down. The DR said as he was so young and born so Prem he wanted us to take him to A+E to get someone else to check him out.
We ended up being told that we were over feeding him and to cut his feeds down to 3-31/2oz (he is only on 4/5oz) We ried this Sat night and what a night we had. There is no way that cutting his bottles will work so 1st thing Monday I called my Health Visitor and she said to leave him on 4oz (as this is what he should be on anyway as per his weight) and to just monitor it, if it carries on go back to GP for poss change of milk. But as he is still gaining not losing weight its nothing to really worry about!!!!!
Other than that he is fine. He is really smiling now hoever this seems to be mostly at me and not Jamie..hahaha!!!


Not done much crafting this week..have had a little break as spent all last week week I intend to do loads and maybe even get my wedding album finished.
Have uploaded more pics onto slide!!!


Not been up to much. I havent been well as I had a killer Migraine which lasted 4days!!!!!!!!!!
Went round Ross and Claires for dinner at the weekend and thats abaout all really.

Hope that you are all well
Take care

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well I have finally uploaded some of my recent can see them on the slide. Ive also decided to take part in a Scraplift Challenge. One of the girls on UKS set herself a challange to scraplift 20 LO and as im suffering from scrappers block quite a bit recently ive decided that Im going to join her..I have printed out all the LO and will probably start as of begining March...Really looking forward to it actually just need to sort out what pictures to use against each LO


Well Frankie is doing well. He is now taking 6oz every 4-5hrs but unfortunatly still hasnt slept through the nite. Mind you saying that I quite enjoy getting up and spending quality time with him during the nite...Am I mad???
He has an Outpaitents appointmnt on Tues so I hope that they say he is doing as well as we think he is!!

Have had a rather good weekend. Went for dinner and drinks round Ross and Claires on Sat. Had quite a bit to drink and played games I won 3out of 4 games of UNO 2out of 3 games Harry Potter Scene It but lost the Vertual Golf on PS2.
On Sunday Jamie went to watch football so I had an afternoon of Scrapping and managed to get 1SLO 1DLO completed plus I managed to catch up with a few Blogs.

Hope you are all well
Catch you L8R

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well I have had a busy few days....

Got Frankie weighed again on Tuesday he is now 7lb 12oz. He is doing so well Im really pleased with him.

I have managed to do loads of scrapping this week also. I am finally doing my Wedding album and and approx 1/2 way through it. I cant wait to see it all complete the pages are quite minimal but I think it looks really nice. Ill have to tart uploading some pics so that other people can take a look.

So how many Pancakes did everyone have????
I had 4 on tuesday and another 4 on Wednesday...we went to friends on Tuesday so had to use the mixture that I had brought to make our own...mind you we only used 1/2 so I will prob have some more soon!!!!

We are planning a Noobie Boobie get together in May. A couple of the Southern Boobies are coming up north for a Craft Show in Bolton so we are arranging a get together we will prob all meet up at the Craft Show but are now gonna try organise a meal and drinks on the Saturday nite. Im really looking forward to meeting more of you cant wait!!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

I cant beleive that I keep leaving it so long to update, Considering Im sat at home all day everyday at the moment I should be updateing at least every other from 2day that is exactly what im going to do...please feel free to shout at me if I dont!!!!

So whats been happening.....

Frankie is doing really well....I had him weighed last week and he is now 7lb 3oz...He still doesnt fit any of his clothes which is quite frustrating cause as you can imagine he has some rather cute bits!!!!
He had his 1st of many injections this morning...and yes you guessed it he wasnt impressed!!!!!
He does seem to be ok now though which of corse is the main thing. At the moment he is curled up on a pile of cushions on the sofa fast asleep...AHH BLESS!!!!

I have also been doing quite a bit of scrapping over the last week and have finally started my wedding album...At least if I get it finished for my 1st Anniversary it will be an apt prezzie for myself...the 1st year is paper...isnt it????

Im trying to make myself use different techniques in my scrapping but Im always to scared that it wont look right...I dont feel confident enough...I look at other peoples work in Magazines or books and think..WOW that looks fantastic...but never have the courage to try it myself!!!!
I wish that I could overcome this 'weekness' of mine. I would love to see some of my work published one day and at the moment I just dont feel that it is good enough or different enough to stand out and be noticed...if anyone can share any tips to help me overcome this I would be very greatful!!!

Thats about all really...Wow once I get started hey!!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

How long has it been!!!!

OMG I cant beleive I havent updated since 06 Dec....but I have had alot going on recently!!!

For those of you who dont know I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on christmas day only 7weeks early so not to bad hey!!!

We have called him FRANKIE LEE BARNETT he weighed 4lb 8oz and was born at 1647. What a shoke that was and defo a christmas i will never forget!!!!
He spent 2 weeks in Special Care the 1st few days being in an incubator but is now doing really well and its great to have him home with us. I tell you leaving him in the hospital and coming home the very 1st time without him was horrible....I felt like I was missing a huge part of me.
Jamie took a week of work once Frankie had came home and the 3 of us spent a week together which was really nice. With Jamie now back at work Im trying to get a routine set up for myself...Ill get there!!!

Due to this I havent done much crafting. The only page I have done recently is a page of Frankie...obviously!!!
I will need to get myself sorted out I have over 150 pics of Frankie that I want to sort through and get scrapping plus Ive still got my wedding album to do...amongst little projects ive been planning!!!
I had planned on sorting out some craft bits for when I went into hospital to have Frankie but he put paid to that by coming early!!!


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