Sunday, January 21, 2007

How long has it been!!!!

OMG I cant beleive I havent updated since 06 Dec....but I have had alot going on recently!!!

For those of you who dont know I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on christmas day only 7weeks early so not to bad hey!!!

We have called him FRANKIE LEE BARNETT he weighed 4lb 8oz and was born at 1647. What a shoke that was and defo a christmas i will never forget!!!!
He spent 2 weeks in Special Care the 1st few days being in an incubator but is now doing really well and its great to have him home with us. I tell you leaving him in the hospital and coming home the very 1st time without him was horrible....I felt like I was missing a huge part of me.
Jamie took a week of work once Frankie had came home and the 3 of us spent a week together which was really nice. With Jamie now back at work Im trying to get a routine set up for myself...Ill get there!!!

Due to this I havent done much crafting. The only page I have done recently is a page of Frankie...obviously!!!
I will need to get myself sorted out I have over 150 pics of Frankie that I want to sort through and get scrapping plus Ive still got my wedding album to do...amongst little projects ive been planning!!!
I had planned on sorting out some craft bits for when I went into hospital to have Frankie but he put paid to that by coming early!!!



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