Thursday, August 20, 2009

I promise.......

....that I will update this on a regular basis as of today.

Starting with:

Frankie and Lillie
They are both fantastic and the most beautiful children (yes I am bias)

They are my life and I am loving every minute spent at home with them while im on maternity leave. They make me smile every day and I couldnt ask for more.

I have become a regular at the Warrington crop and have managed to complete a few LOs recently including a minibook of a recent trip me and Frankie took to Knowsley Safari Park. Here are a few of my LOs

Well I passed my 1st year and am looking forward to starting the 2nd year in Sept...Bring it on

Thats all for now...I will keep to my promise this time and will be back with an update 2moro.
TFL Bye xx



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