Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello everyone...Hope ur all well

We have had a really busy few days. Jamie has been decking our garden. We managed to get hold of some used Scaffolding Boards and using 3x3 to build a fram we have decked the garden. All we need to do now is to sand it down..gonna hire an industrial sander-cant wait to see jamie doing then paint it. WE will then have the fence and pergular left to put up and the garden will be finished. Ill take some pictures and upload so you can see the progress!!

Jamie has started hois new job..Yes another one..LOL. He is working for Bernard Mathews delivering. He says that it is really good and that he really enjoyed his 1st day.


These photos were among 50 that I took yesterday while Frankie was playing with Jamie. I cant believe how big he is getting. I had him weighed yesterday...10lb13oz..and he is now on 7oz every 4hrs. Good news is he has started to sleep through the night...YIPPEE...He slept from 730-500 on sat night and 800-600 sun night I was so proud..LOL (More like pleased at a full nights sleep..LOL)
Also I have taken the step and registered him at nursery...He starts 4th June..Bless


These are cards I made recently...My friends got married...CONGRATS James and Mae and James brother Stuart and his wife Amanda had a baby boy named Elliott..CONGRATS to u 2xxx

I havent really done any crafting since I finished my wedding album..kind of lost my MOJO a little bit...although I have 2 weeks worth of Design Collective classes and numerous Sketches from Pencil Lines to catch up with I just have been motivated enough to get on with it!!
Have got some pictures of Frankie on the way dso hoping that will help.

Well keep safe and ill catch up with you all very soon
Luv n hugs xxxx

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hi everyone sorry not updated in a while.

So how was everyones Easter Weekend???
Mine was rather good. Jamies Brother and his Girlfriend came up and on Friday we went to Blackpool..We were all rather surprised that on a Bank Holiday Weekend it didnt open until 1130am and then surprisingly people were queing down the street to get in!!!!!!
I was rather brave....I went on The Big One/Revolution (Iron Bru) these I dont normally do!! We also went on the Big Dipper/Ice Blast (not me!!)..we missed out on Valhalla this time round cause the que was massive..not surprising as it was a Georgous day!!
I took loads of pictures and am going to make a mini book...Frankies 1st day at the Seaside...even if he did sleep all day..LOL


Well I have finally finished my wedding album. Im really pleased with it and jamie seems impressed. There are so many pages that the album wont close properly and wont fit in its box anymore!!!!
Im rather pleased that I have finished as now I can get started on some other bits and peices. I have to catch up with Pencil Lines Sketches, I have a Scraplift challenge to do....I think original challenge has now ended but I printed them out so I could do at my own leisure and The Design Collective sent out Week 1 on the 3rd April and Week 2 is due to be published 11th April I think so I really need to get a move on with week 1 which I havent even started yet!!!!!
Plus I have nearly 300 pics of Frankie to get started on...obviously Im not going to scrap them all but I need to get moving with his album or Ill probably be buried under a large pile of stash and pictures...LOL

He is doing so well. We had his Picture taken at Boots a couple of weeks ago...he wasnt best impressed at being made to sit this way and that way but the picture (collected today) looks fab..he isnt looking at the camera but its great..ill try and upload it l8r.
Havent had him weighed for a couple of weeks but he is deffo getting bigger...He is now (finally) in 0-3month size clothes so I can finally start dressing him in the very cute outfits hanging in his wardrobe for the past 3months

That all really..I hope you are all well and Ill catch up with you all soon xxx



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