Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well all my christmas decorations are now up apart from lights in front window as they are broken and need to be replaced this weekend. The tree is Fibre Optic and looks better when lights on..cant figure out how to photograph it yet though...LOL

Frankie and Lillie even decorated their own wodden decorations..the start of a new tradition I think!!

I have also started to decorate my xmas house (here it is as a blank canvas) will upload all the pics together as I have only painted the inside at the moment...just need to sort out papers now!!!

Managed to finish assignment and get it handed in so that is out of the way now, I just need to concentrate on the next one as it is a big one, only thing is that the setting I have chosen are making it hard for me by not responding to emails and phonecalls (It is a critical anaysis of my setting against another setting)





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