Friday, May 14, 2010


What a long day it has been. Jamie went in for his operation today. I couldn't stay so went home. He is ok and they removed the blockage (brief history is he had blockage in his pipework causing probs when he went to the toilet). He has been told it may come back and it may be worse as this is the 2nd op he has had for this (had one when younger) all being well he should be discharged in the morning first thing.
As a treat Frankie got a dinosaur bed and some new dino figures...he is obsessed at the moment!!! He hasn't even noticed that daddy isn't here not looking forward to the questions in the morning about where he is...mind you he will prob think he is a work.
Not managed to do any crafting today ad far to tired didn't do assignment either....oh well at least that's my weekend sorted!!
I will update on jamie tomorrow
TFL xxxx




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