Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Well hello there

My 1st day back at work 2day after having 1 month off due to Low Blood Pressure caused by the pregnancy. OMG how tired am I!!!! Im so used to sitting round doing nothing all day it has just knocked me for six 2day!!!!

How weird is it being pregnant!!!
Not only am I getting more and more tired, spending more time in the bathroom going to the loo, having no clothes that fit properly due to expanding belly/boobs and who knows what else but I keep having funny things happen especially with my sense of smell. For instance the other week while the weather was really nice I was driving on the moterway with the windows open and I got a really strong smell of Raw Onions wafting thru the I like onions but the smell was so strong it was as if I had just peeled on while driving!!!! Im also smelling McDonalds in the strangest places like at my desk at work...No one was eating near me and the kitchen was to far away to smell what was being eaten in there (not that it was McDs anyway!!) STRANGE!!!!

On the upside I have finally felt the baby move...Im 18 weeks so was waiting for it to happen but when it did it was really sureal..but fantastic!!!
At 1st it was a little flutter to the side of my stomach but I have since felt what can only be described as a poke...Its excellent...I think Jamie is a bit gutted cause he cant feel it and I keep telling him when I can!!!!!
Got my 2nd scan nxt week so cant wait for that!!!!




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