Monday, September 18, 2006


Im not doing to well keeping this updated am I!!!!
I suppose its because I dont feel that I have anything to add on a daily basis. My friend thinks I should keep a pregnancy blog so I have something to show the baby when it grows up....Im keeping a written weekly diary and Im taking regular pictures of myself....being a keen scrapbooker that was obviously going to happen!!!! I will probably back date a blog for the pregnancy..its just findin the time to start it properly and then remembering to keep it updated!!!

We had family up this weekend..Jamies mum and dad came up for the weekend...didnt really do much but was nice to see them.

Thats all that has really happened since I last posted....see not much to add!!!!

I will prob post again on Thursday as I have my 20week scan so will have something to talk about!!!


Hysteri-CAL on 6:08 PM said...

I'm sure there's heaps more to tell !!!!

Anyway, hun, you've just been tagged - see my blog !!! xx



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