Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sooooo not ready!!!!!

Its the UKS Cyber Crop this weekend and im so not ready for it!!!!!!
I decided not to order any of the kits.....this was for 2 reasons
1) bit strapped for cash
2) didnt know how much Id be able to join in with so unsure if would be worth it
This is a decision im begining to regret!!!!!!!
I still have to sort through my stash to match with the classes and I still need to organise the pics I want to use!!!!!!
I have just sorted through a big shoe box of printed pics waiting to be scrapped so at least I have them but having not done a CC before im unsure of what im doing really.

I have been signed off work due to being over tired so will be able to get loads of crafting done as it helps me relax...already this month I have done
8 Double Layouts and
6 Single Layouts!!!!!
They are all for my mums and jamies mums copies of the wedding album which Im hoping to have finished by xmas so can give as little gifts!!!!!!!

Also managed to scrap the pics I have of the Pregnancy so far...they look really just need to have the baby and get the album to put them in!!!!

Must remember to take pics of the pages and upload them so everyone else can see!!!!!




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