Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well for the 1st time in ages I have actually done some scrapping!!!!!!!

I have started my Baby album...doing a few pages following the pregnancy for the start of the album then will obviously fill it with baby pics once baby is born.
I havent really been doing anything else latley.
We had Jamies mum/dad/brother and sue up this weekend and decided to go to Blackpool for the day on Saturday........


being able to walk around was a real acheivement for all of us....the wind was so strong it kept blowing us around. Then we went into the Pleasure Beach cause Jamie/Jason (bro) and Sue wanted to 'play' on the rides...they couldnt go on much cause the weather was so bad that most of the rides were closed.

When we came back home we stopped in to see Jim and Jackies new house (they should be up end Nov)...its really nice....and then came home for a dinner of Fahitas. After dinner the others had a small drink and we just sat around chatting.




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