Thursday, May 10, 2007

I receieved my welcome pack for the Online Photography course today and had a mad rush...the 1st getting started project was to take a Self Portrait and create a Portfolio...that part was ok just 2 pictures I like and 2 pictures I dont like...The SP was a different matter...I took loads of pictures that I wasnt happy with and the final picture I choose Im still not happy with...oh well its a photography course I can only get better...*crosses fingers*

OK thanx to Bev I have been tagged so here goes

7 things about me......

1)I am a huge Brian Adams fan. Been to see him in concert 3 times and would go to each and every one if I could. I have all his albums and there isnt one sone I dislike.

2)I HATE cheese

3)Im soooo excited about the new Harry Potter film and Book about to be released..In fact im obsessed!!!!

4)My dream holiday is an African Safari

5)I collect Elephants...I have a whole load of Tuskers ornaments, 3 Dumbos,and many many more

6)I collect Disney DVDs..I actually have Dumbo twice!!!

7)My favorite place in the world is Cypus. Its where I got married and where someday I will live!!!

OK now I need to tag 7 people...LETS SEE.......


Oh dear I only know these people with blogs...that will have to do!!!!

Hope your well
Love ya xxx




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