Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I cant believe it...Saturday was National Scrapbook Day and on a Blog called Collectively Yours (formally Special Dares) they were holding a draw that I entered. All I had to do was add my name to a list. The prize was A month Subscription to The Design Collective and the last remaining space on Cheryl Johnson's Painting with Light online Photography Course. I had seen this advertised and wanted to give it a go but couldnt afford it....Low and Behold...I WON!!!!!!!!

Clare Brown from Design Collective sent me an email saying that I had won...Im sooo excited. I cant wait to get started and hope that it helps me take some wonderfull photos.
Its an added bonus that I already Subscribe to the fantastic Design Collective and now get 1month free!!!

Also I cant believe how quickly a year can go...Me and jamie have been married 1year 2day!!!!!
So much has happened in the last year the biggest of course being Frankie. Not only finding out I was pregnant but also having him 8weeks early!!!
Jamie I love you with all my heart and cant wait for the next year xxx


Bev on 9:06 PM said...

Woohooo Jaime I am so pleased for you .... another boobie in the photo thingy!!! Congrats on ur anniversary..... I hope you both have a great evening together xx

Bev on 10:20 PM said...

I have Tagged you .... go see my blog for details!! xxxx



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