Friday, June 01, 2007

OMG...Im so behind!!!!

I havent posted for ages...This might be due to not doing much!!!

Nothing really to update at the moment. This pretty much the same. I havent really done any crafting over the last week but am going to the Manchester Crop 2morro so hopefully will have loads to upload...That is if I dont spend all day chatting!!!!

Frankie is Teething and is getting rather grumpy at the moment...I cant see anything yet but im so looking forward to that 1st tooth popping through...Think of the pictures and LOs that I will get!!!

Im also behind on the Photography course Im doing...I havent done the last few modules and the new one is published today...Note to self...DO THEM!!!!!lol

Hope your all well and I promise to Upload all my LOs from 2morro ASAP!!!
Take care xxx




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