Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Well what a couple of days ive had...Frankie was admitted into hospitl yesterday after going for a 6mth chk with his peadiatrition (?sp). They have finally deciced that he is under weight (by almost 4lb...would have thought they wud have picked that up sooner but hey ho>>) and with his constant vomitng they decided they wanted to keep him in for obs for 24hrs.

So on my 2nd day of work I had to leave early (jamie had taken him) and rush to the hosp. They took some bloods (which really upset him as they didnt numb 1st so in turn this made me upset!!) Jamie doesnt do nedles so waited outside till it was gone then came and took over so I could sort myself out. Half hour l8r they decided that they didnt get the correct bloods (?????????) and that they needed o do it again..this time we insisted the numbed 1st and he didnt even flinch (the wonders of 'magic' cream!!) Jamie was even brave and came in just in case but stayed well away from the needle!!!!

They also took wee sample and said that they were going to put him back on all his meds (DR he saw in same ward last week took him off meds as he said they didnt seem to be working...he had only been on them 1week!!) They said they wud need a poo sample to but he is once a day 1st thing so they had to wait for that till this morning but the lab wsnt open and they needed fresh sample (sorry girls!!) we told them that couldnt gtee when they wud get that as only gtee was 1st thing (b4 labs open at 9am)..they then decided that they wud get a sample whenever and that wud have to do.

He was discarged this afternoon at bout 1230 and spent the afternoon with dad (I went into work as couldnt really take time off on 3rd day!!! although they have been fantastic and told me to take what I needed!!)

He is absolutly fine...still being sick and we need to wait for test results to see what the problem is but finally they are doing something..its just a shame he had to be so under weight for them to do anything...although I cant help but think that they are not really taking into account how early he was and just looking at the fact that he is 6mths (when techniqly he wud have only been 4mths!! so his weight wud have been right!!)

Jamie got quite upset cause we have been up to the hospital and to the GP so many times and they all said his weight was fine and that he was doing really well and now this.

Ahh well at least they are doing something now


Jules on 8:22 AM said...

Oh poor love having those nasty needles. Can't have been a nice experience for any of you.



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