Thursday, October 12, 2006

Its official....

Its official I am not very good at keeping this blog!!!!!!!!

I was Tagged a little while ago so I suppose id better reply the rules are

List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. They then write on their Blogs and Tag 5 more people and so on......
so here goes

1. I cant stand Cheese...I dont like the taste,smell,feel of it in whatever form be it spreadable,melted,lumps...yuck!!!!!
This means that I dont eat Pizza and so many people think thats strange. In certain places I have to say Im allergic otherwise they wont cook me cheese free food!!!!

2. I celebrate a Curry anniversary!!!!
Yes you read correctly....up until 4years ago I couldnt stand curry and the thought of tasting it was beyond me, that was until on 26May my friends b/day everyone went for a curry. We were invited and my (now) husband said he wouldnt go just cause of me...I persuaded him that we should go and if I dont eat anything Ill grab something on way home. Well after trying bits of what everyone else was having I havent looked back since

3. I keep craving custard.....This is prob cause Im 5mths pregnant at the moment but I think its something weird about me at this current moment in time!!

4. I hate spiders and creepy crawly the moment Im constantly dodging Daddy Long Legs. If one flys into the room Jamie has to remove it straight away..same with spiders....Ive got the shivers just thinking bout them.

5. My husband is called Jamie 2!!!!!!!
I am commonly known as Jaime girl to friends...Poss due to fact that in our group of friends there are 4 jamies me being the only girl!!!!
Yes the mail and telephone calls can get confusing but for the caller not us..we think its quite funny when people go 'erm, umm, ooohh, erm' and then ask for the correct one using title or middle name...I sometimes wish I could see their faces!!!!!

Right now I need to Tag 5 friends but I only know 2 other people with Blogs so I can only do 2

Carole....Yes I know you tagged me but hey!!!!


Hysteri-CAL on 8:01 PM said...

PML @ the curry anniversary - any chance of an invite ?? *loves curries*

Awwww photo of you looks fabulous, you look really really well !!!

Take care of yourself and 'bump' - big hugs - xxxxxxxx



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