Monday, October 30, 2006

Hello Hello Hello

Hi all

Sorry Ive not updated for a while!!!!

Whats new with me then????

Not much really.
Had a card night on Saturday, Jamies mum and dad came up for the weekend so Ross and Claire came over and we played UNO....such a good night the Boys got drunk while me and Claire laughed at them...yes laughed at not with!!!!!

We had our 1st Trick or Treater on Sat night....Ross and Claire brought Leo round dressed as a pumpkin!!!!!!!!

He looked so cute he even had Orange and Green strippy socks!!!!

Sunday was just a mong day.....Jamie was hung over so layed around most of the morning while I popped to the Range (jamie must have been hung over he let me go alone..they have special Craft section where I always buy somethin...sunday was no exception..LOL!!!!)
Ross and Claire came over for Sunday lunch...Me and Jamie were in bed by 8pm!!!!!!!!!




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