Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well I have had a busy few days....

Got Frankie weighed again on Tuesday he is now 7lb 12oz. He is doing so well Im really pleased with him.

I have managed to do loads of scrapping this week also. I am finally doing my Wedding album and and approx 1/2 way through it. I cant wait to see it all complete the pages are quite minimal but I think it looks really nice. Ill have to tart uploading some pics so that other people can take a look.

So how many Pancakes did everyone have????
I had 4 on tuesday and another 4 on Wednesday...we went to friends on Tuesday so had to use the mixture that I had brought to make our own...mind you we only used 1/2 so I will prob have some more soon!!!!

We are planning a Noobie Boobie get together in May. A couple of the Southern Boobies are coming up north for a Craft Show in Bolton so we are arranging a get together we will prob all meet up at the Craft Show but are now gonna try organise a meal and drinks on the Saturday nite. Im really looking forward to meeting more of you cant wait!!!!




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