Monday, October 23, 2006


Just want to say a quick CONGRATS to Dawn and David on the birth of their 2nd son..well done to u both xxxx

Well I hvent done much since we last talked!!
I went window shopping on Saturday trying to get ideas for christmas presents for other people and what I want myself...didnt really get far!!!!
Ive told Jamie that I want to have as special a christmas as we can this year cause nxt year we will have a baby to buy presents for and we wont get as much!!!!!
I have started my xmas list thou...not that there is much on it!!!!!

Sunday I was supposed to spend all day crafting...No joy there .....I just couldnt get motivated enough!!!!
Just sat vegging infront of TV while Jamie played on Play Station upstairs!!!!
Ive got so much I want to get sorted as well b4 baby arrives..while I still have the time!!!!!

Note to Self.........'GET MOTIVATED!!!!!!'

If anyone can spare some motivation it wud be greatly apreciated!!!




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