Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tues 17th Blog.....

Well hello there

So not much has been happening over the weekend. Went shopping on Saturday and brought some bedding bits for the nursery...Humphries Corner...Its fab!!!!
I also brought some Maternity Jeans....not the most attractive of clothing items but hey they are jeans and they fit.LOL

On Sunday we went to our friends sons 1st birthday at Wacky Warehouse (somewhere in Stockport).....Now I dont actually know who had more fun Jamie or the kids!!!!
He was in and out of the Ball Pit obviously using the birthday boy as his excuse..He even pulled a face when I told him that it was time to go....I lost track of who was the 1yr old and who was the 27 yr old!!!!!!!!

I may be a little lapse in updating the blog over the next few days...Nothing new there I hear you say!!!
But im going to set up a link and keep a Pregnancy Blog also..Just so I have something to look back on and see haw things went...Im gonna try add pics and everything...well thats the plan anyway..I hope you find it interesting!!!




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